The structure is perfectly suited for a holiday in which to enjoy complete tranquility, relaxation and rest surrounded by nature. Here you can admire the colors of the forest which are subject of wonderful paintings, and you just have to close your eyes for a moment to smell its sweet scents. The "cowbells" of the cows grazing in the large surrounding green areas complete this fast unreal atmosphere.

Deckchairs are provided for a quiet reading in the sun, no one else than you and the gurgling sound of the fountain, from which it is possible to draw fresh and pure water, the sole resource for all the inhabitants of the village in ancient times.

There is no shortage of suggestive places to sip an aperitif or enjoy a meal in the characteristic corners of the village; as a stone table on the cliff with a panoramic view or a wooden table near the oven.

It is not possible to organize parties / events inside or near the structure.

From the structure, from the town of Brossasco or from the neighboring municipalities, there are many fascinating nature trails for trekking and cycling enthusiasts.

Furthermore, from here you can easily reach the main tourist and scenic attractions of the Varaita Valley:

Sampeyre, the "central" town known as the capital of the Varaita Valley, is 17 km away, at an altitude of 998m; a lovely Occitan language center and famous for its Alevé wood, the largest stone pine forest in Italy.

Colle di Sampeyre, 32 km away, altitude 2284 m, it is an alpine pass that connects the Valleys of Varaita and Maira. Here you can enjoy an exceptional view of the mountains and beyond.

Pontechianale, 34 km away, at an altitude of 1587m, it is famous for its beautiful mountain lake, which can be skirted in part by car and in part by a nice and lovely walk in the woods, suitable for children and elderly people. The path goes through trees with lampposts, benches and attractions for children; along the way you can admire beautiful spots of the lake and occasionally you can also go down to the shore. Furthermore, heading towards the state border with France (towards Colle dell’Agnello), it is possible to reach, at a distance of 6km, the small town of Chianale, declared as one of the "most beautiful villages in Italy".

Colle dell’Agnello, 48 km away, which with its 2744m of altitude is the second highest car pass in Italy and third in Europe, from the top of which you can enjoy a stunning view from both sides. On the Italian side you can admire the western wall of the Mount Monviso known as “the stone king”, the highest peak in the whole Piedmont region; the French side offers instead excellent views of the Queyras natural park and its mountains.

The vallone di Bellino, 39 km away, 1576m high, located in the upper and at the end of the Varaita Valley, it is the ideal place for excursions into high mountains, in a wild landscape full of charm and traditions to be discovered.

Bellino is known as the "land of sundials"; in fact, over 35 sundials have been registered, all visible, restored and functional. Heading up the valley it is possible to follow an itinerary where time follows the rhythms of the sun. "Bellino solare" is the circuit that accompanies the discovery of the gnomonic heritage of the municipality of the upper valley. It can be done independently or with the accompaniment of expert local guides. The ideal starting point for the tour is the "Museo del Tempo e delle Meridiane” set up in the vaulted rooms of the old elementary school in the hamlet of Celle. The museum offers a key to understand the sundials painted on houses and religious buildings throughout the municipality. Interesting photographic panels suggest an ancient conception of time; it is possible to see documents and tools used by the gnomonists of Bellino.

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