Il Sogno di Remì - Turistic Location

Il “Sogno di Remì” si trova in una borgata alpina a 850 metri di altezza a Brossasco, un piccolo paesino della bassa Valle Varaita, in provincia di Cuneo. La struttura dista 2 km dal centro abitato, nella tranquillità di un’area naturale immersa tra castagneti, betulle e funghi porcini. La zona è molto soleggiata nell’intero arco della giornata e si può apprezzare un naturale panorama della Valle famosa come “Bella d’estate e Stupenda d’inverno”.

Remo (after whom the house was named), was born in 1945 in this village and grew up there with his two brothers and sister. Since he has worked as a bricklayer for his entire life, he is now very proud to have completely renovated his old native house, being therefore able to accommodate families, couples and groups of friends, and to offer anyone a regenerating holiday into the woods and nature.

You can admire many ancient tools hanging here and there on the walls of an old barn, as evidence of the efforts and work that our grandparents carried out with so much passion in the fields, in the woods and in the hamlet itself.

An old wood-burning oven (which cannot be used for cooking) completes the picture. Characteristic of rural ancient houses, it was in fact considered the soul of the village, as it was mainly used for baking bread and fragrant foods, according to old traditions.

The tireless Remì never stops and is always looking for new ideas to make the village as welcoming and warm as possible; in fact she has seen fit to create a new relaxation corner to be explored. In fact, near the old oven there is a beautiful pile of wood (pulled up with great precision piece by piece), a small wooden house, an old press and a funny weather rope.

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